Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Fun of Assemblage Sculpture

Most of us don't appreciate the magnificence of arts for many reasons it could be that we find it boring, we lack the knowledge of the true meaning behind each piece or its just simply out of our interest and I admit that I'm one of them. But there's something that caught my attention during my childhood years while watching a certain a tv show that gives an idea on how an art could be fun and informative as well. Until now it gives me a special interest whenever I saw some artworks specifically the Assemblage Art.

Assemblage  from the root word "assembly" means to gather or collect a certain object or people. Assemblage Art is the process of forming a structure or sculpture based on a specific or mix object. The following are just a few examples of unique and out of this world masterpiece.

One imaginative artist Zac Freeman made an exceptional artwork using just found objects and trashes and form in into an an environmental friendly artwork. He do believe in a saying that "beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder" so as you can say he intended to form an a masterpiece composing of things that we called trash like an image of a person.

An image of a man using buttons, plastic cups, pins, safety pins and more to mention.

An image of a woman consisting of old computer keyboards, obsolete model of mobile phones, circuits, bearing and more.

Robo-Band by  Brian Marshall assembled an sculpture from abandon objects like vintage household kitchen wares, old oil cans, spoons, forks, pencil sharpeners and electrical meters.

Who said that obsolete typewrites are useless and should be dump in your garbage. Well you better keep it up and be amazed on how Jeremy Mayer disassembles them and reassembles its components into standing frame anatomically human figures.

It's just proves that Assemblage Sculpture are fun and environment friendly artworks and are truly a masterpiece. So next time think twice before throwing any obsolete objects and convert it into a masterpiece.